The individual sessions take place in the Red Room (track A) or Blue Room (track B).
Respirium (upper floor) is the room for lunches and coffee breaks.

Wednesday, September 1st

9:00 Registration
10:00 EAEEIE 2021 opening ceremony
10:15 Keynote 1 – Modern Means for Telepresence Today and Tomorrow (Gregor Rozinaj)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Technical session A1: Collaboration and networks (session chair: Jean-Marc Thiriet)
Innovative PLC Training Laboratory as a Part of the Center of Excellence in the Context of the ASEAN Factori 4.0 Project
Plamen Daskalov, Nina Bencheva, Tsvetelina Georgieva, Hamed Yahoui

A Collaboration of Five International Engineering Institutions on Innovation Engineering Projects
Anna Friesel, Robert Watty, Ignasi Florensa, Jordy Cruz, Judith Klamert-Schmid, Maximilian Lackner, Abigail Albuquerque de Souza Daneluz, Hay Geraedts

Collaboration Network for Inspiring Children and Youth into Science, Mathematics and Technology in Finland
Mikko Myllymäki, Pentti Impio, Ismo Hakala

Industry 4.0: Educational Platforms Disseminations in South-East Asia in the Field of Automation
Jean-Marc Thiriet, Denis Genon-Catalot, Stéphane Mocanu, Hamed Yahoui

11:15 Technical session B1: The students’ perspective (session chair: Jaromír Hrad)
To Avoid Dropout: Let Student Teach!
Hélène Frémont, Florent Arnal

Students Learn Engineering through Robotics Competition
Dorin Popescu, Horatiu Roibu, Florin-Liviu Manta, Alina-Florentina Ciltan

Students’ Background Knowledge Influence on Learning Computer Programming
Marko Hölbl, Tatjana Welzer, Lili Nemec Zlatolas

An example of the Use of Google Suite Apps to Monitor Student Engagement in a Complex Delivery Situation
Anthony Ward

Study Case of Young People Employability Skills Enhancement at the Universitat Politècnica de València
Lenin-Guillermo Lemus-Zúñiga, Miguel Ángel Mateo Pla, José-V. Benlloch-Dualde, Olga Ampuero-Canellas, Jimena González-del-Río, Begoña Sáiz-Mauleón

12:55 Lunch

14:30 Technical session A2: Strategic planning (session chair: Tatjana Welzer)
Business Cooperation – Improving the Working Life Relevance of Higher Education
Mikko Myllymäki, Jukka Määttälä, Ismo Hakala

Role of Legal Issues in Education of Biomedical Informatics
Lenka Lhotská

On Gaining Insights into Contract Cheating
Sathiamoorthy Manoharan, Ulrich Speidel, Xinfeng Ye

National Recovery Plan for the Electronics Industry in France; Importance of Training in the Field
Olivier Bonnaud

Reform Proposal for Higher Education Curricula
Georgios Tsirigotis, Anastasios Karasavvoglou

14:30 Technical session B2: Distance and hybrid education (session chair: Nina Bencheva)
Supporting Learning in Large Classes: Online Formative Assessment and Automated Feedback
Olga Pishchukhina, Angela Allen

Using OER and Teaching outside the Classroom for Enhancing STEM and ICT Education
Nina Bencheva, Nikolay Kostadinov

Implementation of Enhanced Hybrid Learning to Improve Students’ Engagement
Agung Wahyu Setiawan

Teaching ICS Security in Blended Classroom Environment
Petr Matoušek, Ondřej Ryšavý

Implementation of Distance Education Methods and Technologies Adopted at the UPV during the SARS-CoV-2
Nereida Tarazona-Belenguer, Lenin-Guillermo Lemus-Zúñiga, Olga Ampuero-Canellas, Jimena González-del-Río, José-V. Benlloch-Dualde, Miguel Ángel Mateo Pla

16:10 Coffee break

16:40 Technical session A3: Beyond the limits (session chair: Giorgos Papadourakis)
Tools and Techniques to Stimulate Higher Order Thinking in Online Learning
Olga Pishchukhina, E. Moira Watson

Female and Male Student’s Performance in Indonesian Biomedical Engineering Education: Biomedical Measurement and Instrumentation
Agung Wahyu Setiawan

Removing Education Barriers for Deaf Students at the Era of Covid-19
Konstantinos Karampidis, Athina Trigoni, Giorgos Papadourakis, Maria Christofaki, Nuno Escudeiro

Communication Challenges Between Deaf and Non-deaf in Education
Tatjana Welzer, Marko Hölbl, Marko Kompara

Interisciplinary Technical Competitions – A Case Study
Andrei Dragomir, Liviu Florin Manta, Alexandru Mariniuc, Dorian Cojocaru

16:40 Technical session B3: Electronics and programming (session chair: Denis Genon-Catalot)
Development of Network Security Education
Risto Honkanen, Mikko Myllymäki, Ismo Hakala

LCP Educational CPUs: From CPLD to FPGA
Nikolay Kostadinov, Nina Bencheva

Digital IC Test Development Engineering Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Ian Grout

AOCO – A Tool to Improve the Teaching of the ARM Assembly Language in Higher Education
João Damas, Bruno Lima, António J. Araújo

Measuring Temperature and CO2 Emissions from Soil Respiration Using a RealTime System
Patrekur Ragnarsson, Brynja Thorsteinsdottir, Helgi Thorbergsson, Karl S. Gudmundsson

18:30 Welcome drink (CIIRK – Penthouse)

Thursday, September 2nd

9:00 Registration
10:00 eLearning 2021 opening ceremony
10:15 Keynote 2 – Strategic Management of University Internationalization – Past, Present and Future Issues (Josef Hynek)

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Technical session A4: Innovative environments (session chair: Olivier Bonnaud)
Autonomous Navigation System for Robotics Structures Equipped with Mechanum Wheels
Horatiu Roibu, Lidia-Cristina Bazavan, Dorin Popescu, Florin Liviu Manta, Alina Florentina Ciltan, Andrei Roibu, Nicu George Bizdoaca

A Novel Serious Game for Education and Training of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Programming
Aggelos Marinakis, Anastasia Katsamaki, Ioanna Pateraki, Evangelos Nikolidakis, Aristomenis Antoniadis

GSS-VET Project. Vocational Education and Training Process to Develop Working Skills for Technicians in Geothermal, Solar-Thermal and Photovoltaic Installations
Anastasia Katsamaki, Maria Eirini Markaki, Fotios Mavromatakis, Emmanuel Karapidakis

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education
Lidia-Cristina Bazavan, Horatiu Roibu, Florina-Luminita Besnea Petcu, Ștefan-Irinel Cismaru, Nicu-George Bizdoaca

Environment for Innovative University Research Training in the Field of Digital Test
Adeboye Stephen Oyeniran, Tolulope Emmanuel Ademilua, Margus Kruus, Raimund Ubar

Distance and Blended Learning: A New Reality of Education
Tatjana Welzer, Marko Hölbl, Lili Nemec Zlatolas, Marjan Družovec, Luka Hrgarek

12:55 Lunch

14:30 Technical session A5: Practical and project-based learning 1 (session chair: Lenka Lhotská)
Signal Analysis in Nonlinear Systems Using Instrumental Measurement and Computer Simulation
Milan Sigmund, Roman Sotner

Design of a Connected-Object using LoRa Technology for Students’ Life Improvement
Francois Rivet, Guillaume Ferré, Eric Kerhervé, Anaïs Tourissaud, Lucien Paquien, Pierre Ferrer

Illustrative Method of Determining Voice Fundamental Frequency Using Mathcad
Milan Sigmund

Subsea Cable Tracking Using Data Fusion of Signals from Array of Sensing Coils
Adriana Tudorache, Josef Timmerberg, Saba Mylvaganam, Manfred Stender, Fang Xiaozhong, Lin Zhu

Using the Elvis Alive Animatronic Structure to Experiment a Collaborative Protocol with a Human Operator
Ștefan-Irinel Cismaru, Florina Besnea (Petcu), Marian Ionescu, Gheorghe Gilca, Ilie Borcosi, Nicu-George Bizdoaca

16:10 Coffee break

16:40 EAEEIE Council meeting
17:10 EAEEIE General Assembly

19:30 Conference dinner (Vila Kajetánka)

Friday, September 3rd

9:25 Technical session A6: Practical and project-based learning 2 (session chair: Olivier Bonnaud)
IoT-based Project Design to Collect Data on the Well-being of the Students
Francois Rivet, Guillaume Ferré, Eric Kerhervé, Tristan Lecocq, Amine Alinsafi, Gaëtan Antoine

Research and Innovaton Project Based on Recovery of the Components and Materials from IT and Telecommunication Waste
Laura Grindei, Marius Purcar, Claudia Constantinescu, Rodica Holonec, Laszlo Rapolti

Interdisciplinary Research Lab for Project Based Learning of Hardware and Software Design for Computer Engineering Students
Elmet Orasson, Jaan Raik, Margus Kruus, Raimund Ubar

Automatic Heart Rate Monitoring System as a PBL Experience within a Smart Instrumentation Course
Belen Calvo, Nicolas Medrano, Diego Antolin

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Technical session A7: ICT for education (session chair: Jaromír Hrad)
NGA for a New Dimension of Distance Education
Jiří Vodrážka, Tomáš Zeman, Jaromír Hrad

Technologies in a Pandemic Situation – Support or a Barrier
Tatjana Welzer, Luka Hrgarek, Lili Nemec Zlatolas

Efficient Self-Production of Advanced Teaching Materials
Tomáš Zeman, Jaromír Hrad, Marek Nevosad

12:15 Conclusion ceremony

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Guided city walk (approximately 3 hours)

Saturday, September 4th

8:30 Optional post-conference trip to Kutná Hora